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ASCIP’s mission is to provide the highest quality of service and the most extensive coverage available to its members at a competitive price.

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With broad coverage, a strong net position and a history of stable premiums, ASCIP is the right choice for your school insurance needs.

Risk Services

Our job is to help our members identify risk factors and minimize losses before they happen through risk management and loss control strategies.

LMS Training

ASCIP provides many training options including seminars, webinars and DVD's. But we are proud of our extensive on-line Learning Management System to meet members needs.

Forms & Tools

We offer a variety of forms and tools to assist you and your team. Our many helpful resources are always available for your use.

What’s New at ASCIP...

More Services for Members!

Did you know that 20 percent of all liability claims incurred by ASCIP members are related to employment practices and that each claim costs an average of $62,000?  These claims are costly to litigate, time-consuming to defend for district staff and may involve an award of attorney fees.

Given this exposure, ASCIP now offers assistance to members to help prevent these types of employment related claims.  Not only does ASCIP offer the Human Resources (HR) Hotline for members to ask questions of an employment practices attorney at no cost to the member, but now we also offer members HR assessments and consultation services.  These new services include determining current level of human resources compliance with state and federal requirements, reviewing practices and procedures, including those used for hiring, interviewing and completing reference checks, as well as, assisting with policy, program or HR Handbook development, again at no cost to ASCIP members.

Please contact your ASCIP Risk Services consultant or call (562) 404-8029 should you have any questions or if you would like discuss how these services can assist your district avoid costly employment practices litigation.

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May 31, 2016

Kwong_Kristine (2)by Kristine E. Kwong, Esq.

The California Fair Employment and Housing Council has recently amended the regulations to the California Fair Employment and Housing Act, which took effect on April 1, 2016.  These amendments provide basic provisions to a mandatory anti-harassment policy, and clarify some of the protected categories in the Act.  The following are a few highlights of these amendments.

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Coming Soon……A New Memorandum of Coverage for the Property & Liability Program!
May 23, 2016

We know that even with so many dedicated and hard-working staff at our member agencies, accidents can still happen and tragedies can strike without warning.   It is at those times when our members most need the Property & Liability coverage ASCIP provides.  For almost four decades, ASCIP has focused on providing broad coverage that protects our members when those accidents and tragic events occur, is easy to understand, and evolves to keep our members protected when hazards and risks to students and the public change.  For instance, when cyber threats and privacy legislation accelerated over the last decade, ASCIP responded by adding new coverage and services through an innovative specific Cyber Coverage in 2013.

As part of that tradition and commitment to our members, we are excited to announce that ASCIP is preparing a comprehensive revision to ASCIP’s Property & Liability Memorandum of Coverage (MOC).  The purpose of the revision is NOT to reduce or restrict coverage our members already receive, but to continue to improve the coverage.  The Board established the following goals for the revision:

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