Designing Solutions that Make a Difference

ASCIP’s mission is to provide the highest quality of service and the most extensive coverage available to its members at a competitive price.

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Berkeley Unified School District Administration
Merced College - Lesher Building
Santiago Charter Middle School
Walnut Valley Unified School District - Education Center
City College of San Francisco
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ASCIP - the preferred choice for California schools insurance needs - broad coverage, strong net position, history of stable rates and numerous no-cost loss control resources.

Risk Services

Our job is to help our members identify risk factors and minimize losses before they happen through risk management and loss control strategies.

On-line Training

ASCIP provides many training options including seminars, webinars and DVD's. But we are proud of our extensive on-line Learning Management System to meet members needs.

Forms & Tools

We offer a variety of forms and tools to assist you and your team. Our many helpful resources are always available for your use.

What’s New at ASCIP...

As the weather cools, the days grow shorter, and we feel the seasons changing, our thoughts turn to the upcoming holiday season.  We at ASCIP want you to know that we value you, our wonderful members.  Like all of you, we look forward to spending the holidays with friends and family.

May your holiday season be safe, healthy, filled with warm food and wonderful memories!

Our office will be closed on the following dates:

November 26th  through November 29th
December 21st  through January 3rd

Should an emergency arise and you need assistance, please contact one of the following ASCIP staff in the order listed:


  1. Felicia Williams – (562) 217-7845
  2. Fritz Heirich – (858) 243-2365

For Claim Emergencies Call:

  1. Noel Waldvogel – (916) 591-3598
  2. Stephan Birgel(562) 405-4583

Enjoy your holidays and festivities from all of us at ASCIP!


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Don’t Fall Prey to EFT Fraud
October 21, 2020

There has been a substantial increase in Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT) fraud attacks in recent months, specifically by way of a method known as social engineering.  Social Engineering is the psychological manipulation of people into performing actions or divulging confidential information.  During the pandemic environment, in which much of our business is being conducted remotely, these Social Engineering acts of manipulating someone to “voluntarily” electronically send a perpetrator money are increasing in size and frequency. These EFT fraud attacks usually start with a phishing email or a phone call.

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Telemedicine – A Sign of the Times
July 9, 2020


Bob Dylan wrote long ago “The Times They Are A-Changin’.”  While change is inevitable,  it is often  resisted.  Telemedicine is an excellent example.  Most of us have embraced the notion that the best medical care involves in-person doctor visits.  The global Coronavirus pandemic required us to reconsider.

Group health had previously begun to dispel the myth about in-person medical care, utilizing telemedicine for patient convenience.  With the pandemic, urgent care providers, employers and injured workers had to embrace telemedicine for workers’ compensation in ways that would have  been  unthinkable  just  six  months ago.  

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