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ASCIP’s mission is to provide the highest quality of service and the most extensive coverage available to its members at a competitive price.

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Mountain View School District Educational Center
Leadership High School
Whittier City SD - Administration Center
Rio Hondo College - Administration of Justice
Colton High School's Whitmer Auditorium-Colton Jt. USD
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ASCIP - the preferred choice for California schools insurance needs - broad coverage, strong net position, history of stable rates and numerous no-cost loss control resources.

Risk Services

Our job is to help our members identify risk factors and minimize losses before they happen through risk management and loss control strategies.

On-line Training

ASCIP provides many training options including seminars, webinars and DVD's. But we are proud of our extensive on-line Learning Management System to meet members needs.

Forms & Tools

We offer a variety of forms and tools to assist you and your team. Our many helpful resources are always available for your use.

What’s New at ASCIP...

ASCIP Seeks Talent for our Annual Membership Meeting

We  are  looking  for students to share their talent at our Annual Membership Meeting Friday,  March  6,  2020.

We are looking for students from our membership to provide entertainment for our public  school district attendees at the ASCIP Annual Membership Meeting.  We are seeking any type of creative talent—Improv,  Mime,  Dance,  Theatre,  Magic,  Poetry, Spoken Word,  Music,  etc.

ASCIP_Seeks Talent 2020


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The Importance of Setting Clear Boundaries
September 20, 2019


Parents send their children to school to learn and expect their students will be safe.  But with news of teachers and staff sexually assaulting minors, trust in public education is eroding.  It is more important than ever for school governance and administration to adopt clear boundary setting policies to protect both students and staff.  Help ASCIP protect children – adopt Appropriate Staff–Student Interactions policies.

Below is an abridged article reprinted with permission from CSBA – California School News, July 2019.

The relationship between school staff and students is

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Should Genetic Testing Be Part of A Benefits Package?
September 18, 2019

Commercial genetic testing has surged in the last few years in response to successfully sequencing the human genome.  Using genomic markers to identify diseases well ahead of any symptoms has enormous appeal, but there are several reasons why employers should be cautious about offering genetic testing as an add-on to their medical benefits offerings.

First, molecular biology is very complex. For example,

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