Celebrating 35 Years of Designing Solutions that Make a Difference

ASCIP’s mission is to provide the highest quality of service and the most extensive coverage available to its members at a competitive price.

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Marine View Jazz Ensemble (Ocean View SD) Entertain At 2016 Annual Membership Meeting
Sycamore School - Claremont Unified School District
ASCIP's CCD Consortium - January 2016
Las Virgenes USD Administrative Support Center
Peralta Community College District's Laney College
Insurance for Schools

With broad coverage, a strong net position and a history of stable premiums, ASCIP is the right choice for your school insurance needs.

Risk Services

Our job is to help our members identify risk factors and minimize losses before they happen through risk management and loss control strategies.

LMS Training

ASCIP provides many training options including seminars, webinars and DVD's. But we are proud of our extensive on-line Learning Management System to meet members needs.

Forms & Tools

We offer a variety of forms and tools to assist you and your team. Our many helpful resources are always available for your use.

What’s New at ASCIP...

Child Abuse Prevention Mo

ASCIP Promotes Protecting Children

April is National Child Abuse Prevention month. What are you doing to help protect children? ASCIP wants to support and encourage members to prevent child abuse. As an extra incentive, ASCIP is offering two grant awards to encourage members to promote child protection during the month of April.

1)      The Member district who has the most number of or the greatest percentage of employees who successfully complete “Smarter Adults–Safer Children: Preventing Child Sexual Abuse (2014)” trainings through ASCIP’s online Learning Management System during April will be awarded a $1,500 grant.

2)      A $1,000 grant will be awarded for the most creative, comprehensive Child Abuse Prevention program submitted to ASCIP for sharing with the entire membership. Please submit entries by Thursday, April 14 using the provided form or similar information.  The winning submission may be shared with the entire ASCIP membership to help protect children throughout the entire state.

 Child Abuse Prevention Program Submission Form

If you are not using the LMS system yet, now is the time to get started. Contact Martha Espinoza for more information about ASCIP’s LMS on-line training for the “Smarter Adults-Safer Children”, Mandated Reporter or other child abuse prevention training options.



Memories from ASCIP’s 35th Year Celebration With Members
April 5, 2016

Photos from the March 4th Annual Membership 1980’s themed event are now posted. You may view the photos  and re-live the day’s events and activities by clicking on the following link:

Annual Member Meeting Photos

You can also view the photo booth pictures as well. The photo booth pictures are available on a private gallery for viewing and download. Here are the instructions to access those photos:

—  Go to www.photoboothsforparties.com

—   Click on the “Event Photos” button in the middle of the home page

—   Then under the Folders, Click on the month of our event (March 2016)

—   Click on the “ASCIP’s 35th Anniversary” gallery. The password is “cerritos” (all lower case)

Thank you for participating and joining us in this informative, fun celebration! Enjoy the memories!

New Staff Have Joined ASCIP
January 29, 2016

As we start 2016, we are very pleased to introduce three new individuals who have joined the ASCIP staff in December and January.  All three come to ASCIP with impressive professional qualifications and accomplishments.   But most importantly, we are confident they will be great contributors to ASCIP’s tradition of making member service our defining organizational value.

Meet our new ASCIP staff:

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