Designing Solutions that Make a Difference

ASCIP’s mission is to provide the highest quality of service and the most extensive coverage available to its members at a competitive price.

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Clovis Unified School District
Riverside Poly Aquatic Center-Riverside Unified School District
Berkeley Unified School District Administration
Merced College - Lesher Building
Walnut Valley Unified School District - Education Center
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ASCIP - the preferred choice for California schools insurance needs - broad coverage, strong net position, history of stable rates and numerous no-cost loss control resources.

Risk Services

Our job is to help our members identify risk factors and minimize losses before they happen through risk management and loss control strategies.

On-line Training

ASCIP provides many training options including seminars, webinars and DVD's. But we are proud of our extensive on-line Learning Management System to meet members needs.

Forms & Tools

We offer a variety of forms and tools to assist you and your team. Our many helpful resources are always available for your use.

What’s New at ASCIP...

ASCIP is pleased to share its 2019-20 Annual Report providing an overview of the partnership ASCIP has with its membership.  Despite the challenging 2020 year, the ASCIP membership is resilient, the members continue to work together with ASCIP to create safer schools, and the financial strength of the organization has grown to assure continued rate stability and sufficient funds to pay claims.  ASCIP members have the security of a well-funded insurance program in all lines of coverage, with a strong partner.


The current one can be viewed by clicking the link below.

ASCIP 2020 Annual Report

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Announcing $24 Million Dividend!
December 10, 2020


The workers’ compensation and health benefits programs are well funded and in strong positions to return some equity to its members. So that’s exactly what ASCIP is doing!

Given the urgent needs many schools are facing, in an effort to assist our membership, the Executive Committee announced an early premium rebate (dividend) of $24 million

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What’s on the Cyber Menu – Spam or Phish?
December 9, 2020


Electronic funds transfer (EFT) fraud and cyber attacks are closely related, as most EFT fraud starts with an email communication. With good spam/ malware software in place, most of us don’t realize how many dangerous emails are actually being sent to us. It is estimated that 80% of all email are spam related. Let’s explain the terms.

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